Sustainability in Engineering at McGill


Sustainability in Engineering at McGill
Promoting a culture of sustainability

SEAM, Sustainability in Engineering at McGill, is a committee within the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). We as a committee serve as a supporting platform, fostering and promoting a culture of sustainability within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill.

We do this through four main efforts: events, projects, consulting work and by compiling and providing resources.

Want to learn more? Our general meetings are on Mondays every two weeks. Message us on Facebook to now the exact dates. Hope to see you there!

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    Events such as our annual speed networking event help to show McGill’s future engineers some of the many opportunities in sustainability, as well to introduce them to thinking and designing in a more sustainable way.


    In addition to our main events, SEAM undertakes independent or partnered projects which directly affect the engineering community. Our most obvious projects are the lovely green plants in the McConnell hallway and the reusable Blue’s Pub cups.


    SEAM has recently begun working with other organizations and teams to make their operations more sustainable.


    We find that many engineering students at McGill are interested in learning more about sustainability, but don't necessarily know where to start. We provide a starting place, by actively gathering information, resources and opportunities and delivering them to the engineering student community via this website and our other networks.


Meet our passionate team of executives
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Carter is a U4 Civil Eng. student who joined SEAM in 2017. He sees engineers as being particularly well-positioned to help advance society into a truly sustainable future, and believes that SEAM plays an important role in working towards this goal!
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Sam is a U3 chemical engineering student, finishing up a minor in environmental engineering. Sam has had a longstanding passion for sustainability and has been a member of SEAM for 3 years now! She strives to be environmentally conscious wherever she goes.
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VP Admin
Lianne is a U1 Mech Eng. student. She believes engineers have an important role to play in shaping a sustainable society and is excited to create positive changes and raise awareness through all the projects and events SEAM has planned.
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VP Communications
Chantel is in U1 Civil Engineering. She wanted to join Seam being someone very passionate about the environment and sustainability. Chantel wanted to be surrounded by like minded individuals who wanted to make a positive, green impact on the community!
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VP External
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VP Academic
Heather is a U4 materials engineering student, who works in an environmental lab on campus. By increasing sustainability within engineering, she believes we can make positive changes to this school, and also to this planet.
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VP Finance
Kaye is in U1.5 Chemical Engineering and got into sustainability while taking everyone’s favourite elective, GEOG205. Excited by waste management, permaculture and cats, she joined SEAM this year to help work towards a future where sustainable engineering is finally the norm.
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VP Webmaster
Saul is in U2 Electrical Engineering. He has always been interested in preserving the natural ressources our beautiful planet possess. By working in SEAM he hopes to cultivate a vision in campus to work towards a sustainable future for all!
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Plumbers Plates Director
Thomas is in U1 ChemEng. He joined SEAM to positively influence the McGill community and get others interested in sustainability. He also enjoys hiking and rock climbing.


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