Sustainability in Engineering at McGill


Sustainability in Engineering at McGill
Promoting a culture of sustainability

SEAM, Sustainability in Engineering at McGill, is a committee within the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). We as a committee serve as a supporting platform, fostering and promoting a culture of sustainability within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill.

We do this through four main efforts: events, projects, consulting work and by compiling and providing resources.

Want to learn more? Our general meetings are on Mondays every two weeks. Message us on Facebook to now the exact dates. Hope to see you there!

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    Events such as our annual speed networking event help to show McGill’s future engineers some of the many opportunities in sustainability, as well to introduce them to thinking and designing in a more sustainable way.


    In addition to our main events, SEAM undertakes independent or partnered projects which directly affect the engineering community. Our most obvious projects are the lovely green plants in the McConnell hallway and the reusable Blue’s Pub cups.


    SEAM has recently begun working with other organizations and teams to make their operations more sustainable.


    We find that many engineering students at McGill are interested in learning more about sustainability, but don't necessarily know where to start. We provide a starting place, by actively gathering information, resources and opportunities and delivering them to the engineering student community via this website and our other networks.


Meet our passionate team of executives!
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Lianne is a U2 Mech Eng. student, co-chairing SEAM this year after being VP Admin last year. She is excited to see what SEAM can accomplish through projects and collaborations with other groups, as the committee continues to grow and sustainability becomes increasingly important.
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Kaye is in U2.5 Chemical Engineering and got into sustainability while taking everyone’s favourite elective, GEOG205. Excited by waste management, permaculture and cats, she joined SEAM last year to help work towards a future where sustainable engineering is finally the norm.
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VP Communications
Elena is in U4 Civil Engineering. Her love for sustainability started at a young age but became more related to engineering when she took a Sustainable Construction course. Elena wants sustainability to become a necessity on the McGill campus and in the engineering community.
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VP External
Yaqi is in U3 Electrical Engineering. She believes that the development of green technology can improve the quality of life for all. Joining SEAM gave her the opportunity to help members of our community adopt more sustainable practices while learning more about sustainability herself!
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VP External
Nina is in U2 Bioengineering and loves listening to sustainability podcasts and learning about innovate ways to be more sustainable! Nina looks forward to organizing informative and fun sustainability-related industry tours and company presentations with SEAM this year.
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VP Academic
Thomas is a U2 Chem Eng student. Thomas is interested in sustainability because he believes that engineers have an integral role in designing an energy efficient, circular economy. He is looking forward to organizing an e-waste week to help students properly recycle their old electronics.
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VP Finance
Lynn is a U1.5 Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science Minor student. She believes that engineers have a critical role in building a greener future. She is excited to concretely implement sustainable initiatives on campus through SEAM.
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VP Internal
Chloë is a U1 Mechanical Engineering student. She's passionate about developing new systems that help integrate sustainability into the framework of our society, rather than having it be an afterthought. She's excited to start tackling issues within McGill engineering!
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Engagement Director
Cathy is in U3 Chemical engineering, minoring in Environmental engineering. With a love for trees and nature, she got into sustainability and low-waste living. She’s very excited for future SEAM events and wants to promote the notion of green living and sustainable engineering.
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Engagement Director
Kalyssa is a U3 Chemical Engineering student with a recently discovered passion for sustainability and the environment. She believes that engineers play a crucial role in shaping the future of our planet. She’s excited to contribute to improving the community through SEAM.
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Aki Fujinawa

Web Director
Aki is a U2 Mechanical Engineering student passionate about sustainability especially in energy, and hopes that engineering efforts can slowly reshape the future of energy on Earth. As Web Director, Aki hopes to be able to make online resources related to SEAM and sustainability more accessible.
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Plumbers Plates Director
Annie is a U1 Chemical Engineering student excited to be a part of SEAM this year. She wants to help bring sustainable options to McGill groups and to lower waste created by events in her position as Plumber's Plates Director.



A compilation of sustainability-related resources:


Sustainability Projects Fund

The Sustainability Projects Fund was created to help develop and provide financial support for sustainability-promoting intiatives on McGill campus, enabling the McGill community to be more actively engaged with sustainability initiatives. Find out more here.

McGill Sustainable Events

"The McGill Sustainable Events program is an initiative from the Office of Sustainability that provides consultations, trainings, resources, and certification to encourage and support more responsible events at McGill." Find out more here.


Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design, commonly known as TISED, "operates within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University to promote bold and green ideas through education, outreach, and research." (Link) For information on SEAD courses, see the Acadamics section or click here. For information on SEDTalks!, click here.


Environmental Engineering

McGill has numerous platforms to study environment and sustainability. The department of Civil Engineering offers a specialization in Environmental Engineering for undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, all students in the Faculty of Engineering and in the Department of Bioresource Engineering are eligible to minor in Environmental Engineering.

SEAD Courses

TISED courses are listed as SEAD (Sustainability in Engineering and Design) courses and are avaiable for upper-year undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. For a full overview of available courses and more information, click here.


Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020

Sustainable Montréal 2016-2020 the third and current sustainable development plan in effect to make Montréal a sustainable metropolis. To learn more about the background of the approach, partner organizations, monitoring progress and local sustainable development plans, go here.

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