Sustainability in Engineering at McGill
Promoting a culture of sustainability

SEAM, Sustainability in Engineering at McGill, is a committee within the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). We, as a committee, aim to provide a supportive platform, fostering and promoting a culture of sustainability within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill.

We achieve this through four main initiatives: organizing events, undertaking projects, offering consulting services, and compiling/providing resources.

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    Events like our annual speed networking event aim to showcase numerous opportunities in sustainability to McGill's future engineers. Additionally, these events introduce participants to the mindset and practices of thinking and designing in a more sustainable manner.


    Beyond our flagship events, SEAM initiates independent or collaborative projects that have a direct impact on the engineering community. Notable projects include the vibrant green plants adorning the McConnell hallway and the introduction of reusable Blue’s Pub cups.


    SEAM has recently collaborated with various organizations and teams to enhance the sustainability of their operations.


    We've observed that numerous engineering students at McGill express interest in delving into sustainability but may not know where to begin. We address this by serving as a starting point—actively collecting information, resources, and opportunities and disseminating them to the engineering student community through this website and our other networks.